Nomad Avenue is a story of metropolitan life. A story of men and women who are looking for the rare, the beautiful and the enduring in the everyday. We make high end jewelry inspired by urban designs.
No ordinary love
At Nomad Avenue, we pay tribute to the very essence of urban living, we strive to magnify the everyday. We believe that every city is a collection of poetry. Our jewelry aims at revealing the beauty of urbanity; it is an invitation to question the obvious, to be curious and present in all things — an ode to metropolitan hidden gems, a reminder of the love we carry for a city we hold dear.
Connecting the dots
Each piece is a journey. Your journey. Our jewelry allows you to bring your memories to life, to collect them as a timeless treasure. At Nomad, we create avenues for urbanites to gather, connect, be part of a community of inspiring souls. We think you belong, and together we thrive.
Made to last
We make high quality gold and silver jewelry that you can wear and cherish forever. Each piece is designed in Copenhagen and hand crafted by skilled artisans drawing on a thousand year old know-how.
As we believe in a more sustainable future, we take pride in aligning our practices with our values — responsible stock volume, no overproduction and recycled packaging are the core of our production model. The journey towards sustainability is an ongoing one, but a goal to which Nomad is fiercely committed.

Our first collection

Anna - an invitation to embark on a metropolitan journey

Our first collection depicts an adventure around some of the world’s biggest cities. It all started in Copenhagen - hence the necklace and bracelet chains’ names - the foundations on which Anna writes this story. Driven by love, curiosity and ambition, Anna travels to Paris, Tokyo, Helsinki, and many other cities around the globe. Each city brings its share of discoveries and historical events.
Anna has a precious gift - to see the beauty in the everyday.
A reminder of how extraordinary the ordinary is. The circular designs are inspired by manhole covers of some of the world’s major cities. Throughout the years, the mouths of the bowels of urbanity have been magnified by artists, each one telling a story; Anna is here to share it with you. Mobility and adaptability are the leitmotivs of this collection. Each pendant can be worn as an earring, on a bracelet or necklace, so that wherever you go somehow becomes a part of you.